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Expatriation post:

Don’t Buy a Dog

The Way you move

Once the Dust Settles

Expenses on an Expat Budget

What Sayeth Thou You?

The Rough Edges

In My Feelings

Chloro Feelings


One Heart Beat An intro to Akoma Baako

At The Door

Mamba Out

The Day I fell in Love/ Happy Valentine’s Day


Beat of my Heart

For Ever

100% Vickie Bass

DNA Remembers


The Least of These

The Together Song


Of Pandemic Proportions


Hoping to Write It

Family Matters

Not Far from The Tree

Not Far from the Tree: The next Leaf

But For the Luck of Irish Love

Not Far from the Tree: Moms mom and dad

Not Far from the Tree: The Third Leaf Pop

Travel & Tourism (Ghana):

Traverse Ghana

Should you Come Beware: Accra

A Trip to Kakum National Park

You are Here: Oyarifa

Fresh Off the Plane: Airport Residential

Quiet As It’s Kept: Kwahu

A Cup of Joe: Dzorwulu

Adding Consequence to Tourism: Adenta

On Mute Mode in Ghana: Lock down for COVID19

Puttin’ in Work:

Ten Minutes to Podcast

Interviewing Kartam Graytnes

More to Offer than the Hustle

Akomaā¤Baako Interviews me

Interviewing Yaw Adjei Owiafe ‘Uncle Jaspa’

Badingu Brings the Beats

Poet Speaks of Building Bridges

Moving Art in Ghana

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  1. I truly appreciate all dialogue between brothers and sisters in Africa and those in America and the UK (among other places). The more we talk honestly with each other the more we can tear down the walls of misinformation and miscommunication that bind us. Thank you for this blog!

    1. We most definitely need to continue the conversation started by some of our must notable Pan African Leaders and rebuild both Africa, and the African way of reciprocation.

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