Akoma Baako seeks to assist freelance poets, writers, and artist in obtaining desired exposure of their work. We are a Pan Africanist group especially seeking black unity among Africans on the continent and through-out the Diaspora through verse, poetry, prose, literature, rap, hip hop, and art. We hope to create a renaissance of creative culture to bring freedom of thought and mind, and to allow the spoken and written word to begin the conversation and unite the world in peace and love,

What People Say

“Long live the rose that grew from the concrete when no one else ever cared,”

-Tupac Shakur

“I stay cool and dig all jive, that’s the way I stay alive. My motto as I live and learn is dig, and be dug in return.”

Langston Hughes

“The spirit that you all bring right now. I just want to say go out and change the world.”

Lonnie ‘Common Sense’ Rashid Lynn

Let’s build something together.

Contact us: akomabaako17@gmail.com

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