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New home in Oyarifa

I haven’t been writing much about my experiences lately because right now I don’t have internet. I’ve moved!

If you read my post On a Different Level you’d know, that I’d been looking for a new home. I’ve found a house in the same town Oyarifa, as I was before but I’m now the owner of this one. The house is new and recently completed, it still had issues when I moved in though, that I’ll discuss later.

One thing about this new area is the internet is not the same. At the other home less than six kilometers away I had a modem through the local internet company here but that same company says I can’t utilize that modem in this area I’d have to switch to turbonet. However, turbonet is not in stock because of the high demand for it during the lockdown from parents with schoolage children who needed it to do their studies. So I will wait and text short cryptic messages on my cellphone as I am doing right now. A little humor there!

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