Akoma❤Baako Production (Foundation)

Snippet made @ Eye of the Lord Orphanage Wednesday 12 Aug 2020

We are happy to announce that Akoma Baako Production(meaning one heart in Twi) located in Oyarifa, Ghana is now a Foundation! We are hoping to provide the most good, in the area of health, education, and environmental concerns in Ghana.

Please, you are welcome to join us in this journey as we seek to benefit the public sector, assist the children with their educational needs, empower single parents, especially women, with finding jobs so they can send their children to school, help orphans get needed school and general health supplies like food, toiletries, (toilet paper, tooth paste, sanitary napkins and toothbrushes books and school materials) help the homeless get masks, sanitizers, food and testing for diabetes, and assist in the effort to clean up Ghana.

On Wednesday, 12 August 2020 Akoma Baako went live and launched its first project, as everything should always begin with the children because they are the foundations of our future. Akoma❤Baako Production (Foundation) went to Nsawam, Ghana and donated food, blankets, toiletries, and bookbags to the Eye of the Lord Orphanage there.

We will be posting more about this visit in an upcoming post. Stay tuned!

Akoma❤Baako Production Foundation donating items at Eye of the Lord Orphanage in Nsawam Ghana.

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