Filmed at African Historical Wall Prampram, Ghana

4th of July is a myth
Told by history buffs
We were only 3/5ths
4th July 1776 of all others,
There was no independence for us!

We didn’t get our free
Until 1863,
and some of our brothers,
Not until 1865,
June 19th
Let’s recognize Juneteenth,
but we celebrate the Ju-lies
With bar-b-ques,
And booze,
There was no independence for us!

No peace, no justice,
Even after Jubilee,
They could arrest us
For vagrancy,
Slavery never ceasing,
And place us in the penitentiary,
Just another plantation,
Then hire us out for convict leasing,
To build railroads for meager rations,
And place us back in slavery,
So they wouldn’t have to pay us,
O the depravity,
There was no independence for us!

but what’s even more alarming,
Is even if you didn’t go to jail,
You still didn’t have liberty,
You contracted out to do tenant farming,
Another form of slaveries hell,
Some didn’t escape until 1950,
Like Peonage
And Jim Crow,
The 13th amendment,
made black synonymous
With Criminal,
And slavery never ended,
It just changed names,
to segregation,
to black codes,
And mass incarcerations.
So pocket your, “In God We Trust.”
There is no independence for us!

A felony shames,
The individual
And takes away your right to vote,
Until your voice becomes quiet,
And then they wonder why we riot,
And resort to violence,
But Justice doesn’t listen,
For some, that’s the only voice they have
That won’t be acknowledged with
There is no independence for us!

So today as we slack off
Booze up
And bar-b-que
Make that check null and void,
Remember Ferguson, Philando, and Floyd,
Just remember to back off,
Ease up, on the economy too,
No borrow, no lending,
Place your money where your mouth is
And blackout!
No spending!

By victori © 3 July 2020

2 thoughts on “Independence!

    1. I was communicating with a mutual friend of ours, who made a good point, she said we should celebrate the lives of men like Crispus Attucks who died in that war for Independence. This may be true but Crispus died at the very beginning of the war on March 5, 1770 so maybe we should be commemorating March 5, not July 4.

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