To See Sankofa Smile Again

While I was away at the funeral for five days, in Kwahu, Ghana, Sankofa stayed in a kennel. When we returned home he seemed depressed, and for a few days I didn’t know what was wrong but he was eating fine at that time. Did he make friends with dogs at the kennel that he missed and wanted to go back to or what? Did he miss his girlfriend?

Soon after that he became visibly, physically ill, for five days he wouldn’t eat. One of those days I gave him some plain yogurt which he lapped up. Thank God! When I tried that trick the next day he wouldn’t take it, neither would he take water. Needless, to say I was worried. All he wanted to do was sleep and lie down near my feet, explain social distancing to a sick pet. Well he wasn’t having that.

We took him to the Vet here in Oyarifa, they gave him shots, I don’t know if one of those shots were for dehydration or indigestion? Or what? One was for rabies, I know. All I do know, is he got sicker, and sicker, and still wouldn’t eat, or drink he lost weight and became very weak. I layed down near his bed cried and prayed, that he would eat to live and not die.

Drinking water from his water bowl
Soon after even his water wouldn’t hold

Of course during this pandemic it even crossed my mind that Sankofa had corona virus. Well…. Dogs can get corona virus too, it may be a different strain from COVID 19, or SARS, but still, these are pandemic times and, you have to worry. Don’t you? I started researching his symptoms and read about giardia, giardiasis spread through contaminated food or water. I feed Sankofa dry dog food mixed with wet, from his own bowl, that I clean out after each use, occassionally, I have treated him to rice, chicken, even chocolate, (just one tiny square) but I don’t think it was his food. I provide him ample water from his own clean bowl straight from the tap. I drink bottled water.

Sankofa’s food bowl

There are various bottling companies in Ghana. Oneday, I had gotten ill myself from drinking a bottled water from a company here I won’t name and a Physician here suggested I switch to another specific brand whose name I also won’t mention. Sorry they are not paying for ads but if you’d like to know message me privately. Anyway, since I switched I haven’t had the issue again. Now, I am not rich enough to buy Sankofa bottled water but I began boiling his tap water and since I started doing that he is back to his lively self again, and his eliminations have returned to normal.

Sankofa is still a puppy he’ll be a year at the end of this month. He still plays, biting play, which I disapprove of, and he’s very energetic. Today on a walk I saw how sheep react to him, and know he would make a great sheep working dog. That’ll give him a job, now to get him a girlfriend!

Sankofa smiling

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