Lying in Wait, by victori

Boredom during the three week lockdown in Ghana found me seeing strange things hiding in the shadows. I saw a panther in this shadow and tried to draw him out.

Shadow Art “Lying in Wait” by victori Bass

This one became a little scary to me the redder it became. It reminded of blood in the streets. Gloomy huh?

Shadow Art by victori “Blood in the Street”

Two faces peered from the shadows of this one a female standing behind a male, nobody I showed it to could see them but me so… I drew them out… can you see them now?

Shadow Art: “Faces of Africa” by victori

Two lovers out for a stroll? I don’t know. It’s what my cousin saw. Its really just one person standing here, What do you think just maybe? Our shadows maybe telling us we are never really alone.

Shadow Art “In the Long Run” by victori

There will be more of these to come.

2 thoughts on “Lying in Wait, by victori

  1. Wow! I’m thoroughly enjoying your ‘Shadow Art’.

    “Lying in Wait” reminds me of the interpretations of the constellations.
    “Blood in the Street” reminds me of Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland album.
    “Faces of Africa” reminds me of ‘Black Panther”, but not your markings.
    “In the Long Run” reminds me of a showdown at sunset.


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