How Do You spell LOVE?

Use by permission Akoma Baako Productions copyright ©victori bass 23 Apr 2020

How do u spell love?
Is it written with broad strokes and 90 degree angles ?
Do you make full circles when you draw your o’s s-s-sorry’s, do you pyramid your v’s like two hands👐🏽 reaching in need, or draw hearts❤ where the v is s’posed to be?
Through the eye of the e do you see
or do u abbreviate love into three letters?
Tell me how do you spell love?
Seriously, do you spell it with an e?
Or shorten it blindly to l-u-v’ and make it all about U roll it off your tongue like a blunt, is your love blunt?
A momentary high that leaves you craving for sweets, or do you extend it with dashes inbetween L-O-V-E on again, off again, prolonged agony with random dashes of bliss?
Do you spell love like this?
Or is love a word game to you?
Where you substitute the letters
of one word to make something new, like lust
a craving insatiable must,
something you just feel compelled to do
but trust, is foreign to you?
Is that how you spell love?
U stuck at the end of a lie,
You’ve told them both,
Where your lie now becomes, in lieu
meaning instead of,
In other words you don’t know how to spell love, Do you?
Then you become the H in your wHy?
That Ho over there,
Stuck between the wife you swore an oath to,
And the young thang’s youth,
You drain dry?
If that’s how you spell love?
that’s how I spell

victori © 23 Apr 2020

4 thoughts on “How Do You spell LOVE?

  1. I like how the poem goes from light to dark.

    “Then you become the H in your wHy?
    That Ho over there,”
    This, for me, reads better than spoken.
    I think that is a challenge with spoken word for my ‘old’ ears.


    1. I agree, it is meant to be more of a written piece, but I didn’t think anyone would hear the o’s s-s-sorry… that’s why I chose to speak it. Thanks so much!

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