We are spectrums of light
Held in dust
Worded thought
With a pulse
Here for an experience
And to break free from a prism

(I’ve been a little shy about sharing this poem lol! It’s true though and I’m only a little cray cray.. )

My art; Shadow art this is a picture of my hand covering the lens of my camera and then run through the filters

There are other levels of reality
not from another planet,
but within our own sphericality,
that I have tuned in to,
different frequencies,
that exist within our own.
You have to travel to in trance,
to reach the entrance,
or get thrown,
by astral advance,
conducted by forces unknown,
or maybe its your own, at the helm,
but you can travel up or down,
without your body ever leaving this realm,
And explore aspects of your existence,
without any annoyance,
No special navigational skills.
You don’t even need clairvoyance,
Just learn how to fly and how to land,
Because when you boot back in
Your physical reality will jump with a jolt,
That your heart may not withstand.

I’ve listened in on their news stations,
Its all about love they claim, and silence,
Not the love we know here,
But love on a higher sphere,
Love on an unconditional plane,
And peace beyond our understanding,
otherwise we are all the same,
There is none to blame,
And that’s why I don’t call anyone names,
because it would be like speaking ill of myself,
You see, we all broke through the same matrix,
so hating you,
Is like self hatred,
It leaves scars over my veins,
to see you suffer,
and for each blow you take,
I am sympathetic,
As soon as I know,
then I become your buffer.
I’m empathetic,
to the pain of others, because I know we are all brothers.

victori bass ©7Apr2020

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