Sirius b trippin’

A perennial flowering weed that blooms once then dies

Could this be Sirius b in my garden?
What manner of star have I found?
Could it be Sirius b has fallen?
And planted its dust in this ground?

Could it be that Sirius b
The focus of all the initiates hours,
Has taken a retreat seriously,
To partake in April’s showers?

Were the Dogon given Sirius b seed,
to plot its trajectory in African clay?
to plot its season as a perennial weed,
And give to Sirius b her day?

Sirius B

Seriously though,
Could this be Sirius b the rage of all the millenials,
making its appearance in a showstopping show,
posting its star status as a perennial?

Could it be Sirius b just passing by
dressed in elegance and posing,
Making me starstruck and shy,
As he reclines in bed dosing?

Could it be sirius b has chosen,
to fall from her place in the sky?
Could it be thee Sirius b of the Dogon,
has come to earth to live for one day then die?

© victori 9 Apr 2020

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