Shadow Art

I’ve always had a thing for shadows,
and how they follow you around,
they make you feel that maybe you are not as shallow,
as your “singleness” sounds..

Here is some of my work. This has come out of sheer boredom, during lockdown, so if its really bad say so.

Africa in the Details

This one takes the shape of Africa, and reminds me of Egyptian wall painting, hieroglyphics, and the equator. It also includes Madagascar.

Thou Daily Walk

I still walk Sankofa twice daily. When you have a dog try explaining to them about social distancing it tain’t easy. I usually just walk him around the estate, lately. He’s bored too.

Cool Kitty, Doggy Style

The above shadow belongs to my dog Sankofa, he is a great model for shadow art, and it appears he chanelled a cat in this one.


These were all taken of shadows on the ground and then filtered on my camera. I’ll share more later, if you like these.

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