Of Pandemic Proportion

On COVID19 Pandemic

I can see the world collapse from here,
Much worst an alien invasion sighting,
How can I lie down with fear,
That I might wake with COVID nineteen,
While there are people dying,
I pace the halls,
Through this quarantine,
Facing the walls,
Of social isolation,
No bridges here,
Just proximity fear,
I suppose after all,
Trump got his wall,
Thinking this pandemonium
Is systemic,
this racial profiling
of a pandemic,
Is Reviling,
This HATE is epidemic,
Crushed down, and used
Against doctors orders,
Sold by the kilo and abused,
It has spread to all quarters.
This hate has gone
beyond borders,
and the world powers
knew all along,
It was a viral harm,
that this hate devours
the strong,
In its purest form,
Pure uncut powder
of right extracted from wrong,
but they still peddled it,
and refused to help the situation,
Or meddle in it
as long as it were Asian,
Now the variable has spread
and tripled the equation.
but their objective
Is to control the population,
Which is effective,
I suppose until someone
they love is dead,
then they’ll run out of patience,
and demand a vaccination.
We can’t live in this world alone,
There is not a brexit,
earth is an interdependent home,
We live on the same ball,
What affects one of us directly,
Affects us all!

victori bass © 25 Mar 2020

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