Moving Art in Ghana

Malvin Asare, Victori Bass, Samuel Abankwah

Akoma Baako interviewed Malvin Asare one of the great ʒd landscape artist in Accra who joined us on Tuesday to describe his style of art. Malvin is from the Eastern Region, Begoro, Akim, Ghana. Check out his art as he describes its functionality.

Akoma Baako heart with Africa in the middle by Malvin Asare (color highlights mine)

Malvin is an introspective and focused artist. He captures the detail of the architecture of Accra in small scale with excellent precision, and detail. He displays his work at Chale Wote (pronounced like the ‘Cha in Charles, Châ-lày) (Wótēh) festivals in Accra each year.

See you in two weeks as Akoma Baako undergoes quarantine during the social distancing participation globally.

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