Adding Consequence to Tourism: Adenta

I pass through Adenta, in Ghana many days of the week when I am either coming home to Oyarifa conducting business or leaving Oyarifa heading toward Accra this is Aburi Road which passes through Adenta leading to Oyarifa (O-yǎrē-fǎ) or Aburi (A-bree)

In Adenta, Accra, Ghana facing Aburi Road

Adenta is a small town in Accra with a lot of activity. Its the capital of Adenta Municipal District in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. Merchants peddle their wares along the busy highways and along the curbsides. The aggregate of people as they shop or sell grows thick as it heats up. Here along this road I witnessed a woman driver get her phone snatched by two ambitious thieves, one who distracted her by yelling something to her on the passenger side of her car, while the other snatched her phone from the driver side, right from her hand.

Facing Aburi Road

If you drive or are a passenger traversing through Adenta on Aburi Road I advise you to guard your phone and do not wave it out of the window, pan in for pictures, or be on a call, with the phone to your ear and the window rolled down.

Showing the new pedestrian passing bridge

One of the houses that I recently was interested in renting a three bedroom with a store front was in North Adenta and is in a very up and coming progressive neighborhood. The house has a great security system. However, the owner would rather sell it, than rent it. I am still considering it but not interested in buying anything yet. I will keep you posted.

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