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Yesterday, I ordered a Driver from a local taxi service which I deliberately will not mention because the issue has since been resolved and all forgiven.

App Taxi service Accra, Ghana

1)Keep at least three different Taxi apps on your phone just in case one cancels or can’t arrive promptly. It was ten o’clock in the a.m. when I ordered him he arrived about ten thirty. He drove me to Darkuman to pick Samuel up, a fifty-two minute drive, and from there we continued to Amasaman which is thirty-three minutes away. When we got there I ended the trip but retained the driver. I paid him sixty-five Ghana cedi’s. We waited for the real estate agent to come and when they did we updated the trip for a continued fare. Except, the drive to find the agent was brief and the trip ended there and we neglected to update the trip again from the departure in which we began tailing the agent’s taxi. It was a huge oversight.

Google Maps: Approximate time doesn’t take traffic into consideration

2) Always update your trip after arriving to each destination, if you are renting the Driver for a long period of time. From that point the Driver did drive an unestimated amount of kilometers for an unestimated length of time as we reluctantly followed the agent’s taxi over unknown and uncertain terrain that seemed to last for about twenty to twenty-five minutes before we aborted the trip. Again we neglected to update the trip but Samuel decided to try and view a few other properties in the area so that the trip would not be a total waste.

3)When you fail to update through the app the Driver becomes a Taxi service and can negotiate the fare. We went to look at two other places. From the last place we stopped to view we wanted to make two other stops to purchase food. We were at the first Restaurant Papaye’s before we realized we hadn’t updated the previous trips. We updated the trip then, from leaving Papaye’s Restaurant to my house which was 44 cedis. Samuel and the Driver discussed something in Twi which I didn’t quite understand on the drive back home.

4)If the Driver and you can not come to a reasonable agreement back off and do not pursue it right away. Once we arrived Samuel let me in on what the coversation had been about. He says, the Driver wanted two-hundred cedis for the entire day. Samuel protested to the Driver that he thought that was too much. Samuel turned to me and asked, what do you think would be reasonable? I thought about it and said 55 cedis aloud. Samuel said, oh no! We have been with him four hours, he took us six places. I reminded him that I’d already paid for the first two hours. The Driver demanded, I pay him two-hundred cedis! I refused! After which I began calculating from the point of the initial end of trip, and first payment, to where we went and the amount of time spent, the places were all in close proximity of each other, all in the city of Amasaman.

5)When using ride service always beware of the amount of time and distance you travel. Those three places, would cost no more than fifteen to twenty cedis on a normal calculated trip, altogether would have been about fifty five cedis, but coming back home would have been another fifty cedis, so I offered the Driver one-hundred cedis. I really didn’t have much money left and hoped he would accept it. At this point, from paying the agent, and buying food and drinks, for Samuel and myself, and after paying the Driver the first fare, one hundred cedis was all I had left on my person. So I presented one hundred cedis to him. He told me, it would ruin him to take it. He would be broken because he had driven all day and his gas was finished, he protested. I reminded him that I had paid him sixty-five cedis. I told him please just take the money its one hundred cedis you will be able to buy gas. I said, you will have done well for the day you will have made one hundred and sixty five cedis. He refused to take it so I placed the cash on his dashboard and walked away. He demanded, I give him fifty more. I told him, I don’t have fifty more here, anyway, and even if I were to pay it to you I’d have to ask you to drive me to a nearby bank to get it and end up owing you more money for that return trip. He gets out of his car and places the cash on my gate and gets back into his car. I go get the cash from the gate, open his car door and drop the cash on his lap. He opens the window and drops the cash out of it and drives off. Almost, running over my foot in the process. I was floored. I felt really bad, very, very bad inside that we could not come to an agreeable conclusion. Guilty even. Even worst that the man had worked for us and wouldn’t obtain payment for it. The scene played over and over in my mind all night long.

6) Try to be reasonable and persistent, when doing the right thing. It was Sabbath night and my spirit was so low. I meditated on what to do to make this better. So today when I woke up this morning, I called the Driver back, and plead with him to accept some money. He deeply apologized for his behavior the evening before and continued to refuse. I told him all was forgiven but that I wouldn’t feel right unless he took something for the work he’d done. Before, we hung up he still hadn’t accepted payment, however possibly five minutes later I received a text from him apologizing again, and asking me to send him one hundred cedis by mobile money.

I read this verse today.

I YHWH search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.
Jeremiah 17:10 KJV

Happy Sabbath Day!

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