Chloro feelings

In Ghana as all over the world we are taking precautions to stop the spread of the deadly strain of corona virus COVID 19 that has reached pandemic proportions. Ghana has as of today’s date confirmed nineteen cases eight of which have been successfully treated and are recovering according to one news report. I am told by a reliable source that according to a local Pharmacist the reason chlorophyll isn’t in stock is because the hospitals are using the item in large supply treating patients with corona virus.

Spirulina a good source of chlorophyll

So far the Ghanaian government has not demanded an emergency lock down like other countries including the US, has done. I suppose because there are so few confirmed cases here? Many employees are wearing face masks and latex gloves, so are many of the Taxi drivers. I can’t bring myself to tell most people that their mask is ineffective, since they’re not wearing a surgical mask or a respirator mask and therefore not as effective. Everyone is carrying around hand sanitizer and Kleenex. Sneezes are being sneezed over in a corner away from everyone else and into the person’s arm antecubital space, or crook of their lower arm. People are keeping their distance from each other as much as possible and are eyeing each other suspiciously for all signs of sickness.

A Driver in Ghana wearing precautions with a mask probably used in construction.

I try to stay home most of the time, but today in Accra there is no traffic as people are performing self-imposed quarantine, so I must chance it. My year in this house is almost over and my lease will soon be up, so it’s necessary that I look for a new home. That is where my self imposed lock down often fails. Ghana has placed restrictions on meeting and congregating, traveling in or out of the country, and has advised those who can work from home to do so. For me, its not easy to do when you are house hunting.

A house for rent in Amasaman, Ghana

Today, after hearing that Ghana physicians are treating patients with a chlorophyll derivative and its been effective. I went on a hunt for a health food store against my better judgement but I found a very good one, in Cantonments. I purchased neem from there a product high in chlorophyll, just in case, also aloe vera juice, and spirulina.

Neem supplement

There were several herbs there that will guarantee my return visit. There was echinacea and golden seal, odorless garlic, many vegan herbal products for sale either in capsule or in bulk form, at Relish Health Shop, in Akai House. The one supplement I didn’t find that I will persuade my family to bring to me if and when the travel ban lifts, and they come is elecampane with pleurisy root. If you come to Ghana please bring me some?

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  1. Thanks cuz, you too. I’m hoping a cure will be found soon. Everytime I clear my throat, cough, or sneeze I feel suspect, hope you and the family are keeping well.

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