But For the LuckπŸ€ of Irish Love

If it weren’t for Irish Love I wouldn’t be here❀ and neither would many of us Americans.

17 March was St Patrick’s Day in the U.S.A. not a day that is celebrated here in Ghana. I spent my St. Patrick’s Day in the studio working. I used to love St. Patrick’s Day as a child, on that day we celebrated our Irish. Back then it meant leprechauns and lucky charms, four leaf clovers, and the color green. Everyone and their Uncle became Irish on oneday of the year St. Patrick’s Day. We would all wear green and anyone who didn’t wear green would get pinched. It was always a fun game.


Most African Americans, even most Anglo Saxons and American Europeans claim Native American heritage quicker than they would claim Irish but the truth is we have more Irish Ancestry than any other. The Irish came to America from Ireland as oppressed people under Cromwell, many of them were dark skin, dark haired, with either light or dark eye color as black as I am, or not.

The Tipton County Argus Newspapers.com Tipton,Indiana Fri, Aug 21, 1857 pg1


Until Bacons Rebellion in America the black and Irish were united in their oppression and together sought reform. The rebellion occurred in 1676/77 when Nathaniel Bacon a wealthy plantation owner disagreed with his relative the Governor of Virginia William Berkeley over governance of the colony, Bacon wanted Berkeley to retaliate against Native Americans who raided frontier settlements, and remove them from the colony. Berkeley was afraid to do that because he thought it would unite all of the neighboring Native American tribes against them.


Therefore, Nathaniel Bacon rallied his own militia together of white and black indentured servants, and black slaves in exchange for their freedom to fight against the Native Americans. Skirmishes and riots arose everywhere, Jamestown was burnt to the ground, Bacon’s militia on one side, Berkeley and the Virginia House of Burgess and the Virginia Elite, on the other. Bacon died a month following the start of the rebellion, and the rebellion stopped. Virginia’s wealthy planters were reeling, how could this have happened? How could a rebel militia of both white and black slaves and indentured servants be united to destroy the capital and get the better of them. Soon after Bacon’s Rebellion laws were enacted to permanently divide white indentured’s from black indentured’s and black slaves from everybody. The blacks brought into the colonies were now separated by skin color and all blacks were now considered chattel slaves and the white poor indentured’s were given provisions mere bread crumbs, mind you, but more than anything the blacks received, and were made to feel superior to them as if their status was somehow ‘better.’ Divide and rule, is a trick of mind control that we step into every single time.


Eleanor “Nell” Butler 1660-1727 my fifth great grandmother depiction

I know of several of my fourth and fifth great grandparents who shared their Irish ancestry with me proudly. Such as my fifth great grandmother Eleanor Butler born about 1660 brought to Maryland as an indentured servant by Lord Baltimore, who relinquished her free status to marry an African slave of Major William Boatman of St. Mary’s County, Maryland because as she proclaimed, “that she would rather marry Charles than Lord Baltimore himself.” [Paul Heinegg: Free African Americans of Maryland and Delaware] She may be the Irish DNA that is on my X chromosome.

A screenshot of my X chromosome from 23 and me showing blue on the chromosome schematic. The X chromosome is maternal and this suggest that I had a British-Irish greater grandmother.


So our claim of yes, I’m Irish is not exactly a lie. Just like my African heritage up until 2018, I had never been to Africa, but I still claimed Africa. I have never been to Ireland and can’t claim to know the heritage and culture of it, but I can claim Irish ancestry its in my DNA. Most of my DNA Anglo Saxon and European cousins share Irish, Scotland, Wales DNA with me.


And that’s why we love the Irish.

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  1. Enlightening article cousin. I, also have Irish DNA and was quite surprised when I learned about this. Thank you for your knowledge and for sharing it❀️

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