Poet Speaks of Building Bridges🌉

Tuesday, March 10, Akoma Baako invited Nakia Brown to the studio. Her youth, vitality and Pan African ideals set the place on fire. Her project Daraja a Swahili word for bridge and is a concept similar to what Akoma Baako represents. Nakia’s purpose for starting Daraja was to unify Africans in the Diaspora with Africans on the Continent through poetry.

Nakia is from Baltimore, Maryland and attending University there. She works in Consulting and takes her poetry to the streets to share her words with others. Here she offers us a fiery spoken word poem a must hear, and feel it’s a spiritual piece which answers those who deny their ancestors struggle to bring them to the life they currently enjoy. We step across their backs, which are a bridge to bring us to this present time.

Visit Nakia

website: @nakiabrown.com

Facebook: @fireangelou

Instagram: @fireangelou

Twitter: @fireangelou

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