A Cup of Joe☕: Dzorwulu

Leave it to me to find the coffeehouses☕.

Second Cup Coffeehouse moved to this location in Dzorwulu from Accra Mall and now another coffeehouse takes its place at the Mall. Vida Cafe is pricey because it’s in the Mall and the coffee is not outstanding.

The New Coffeehouse in Accra Mall

Second cup is the largest chain I’ve found here so far. I haven’t found a Starbucks and comparatively, although the coffee is good here, they are not the same. It does have free wi-fi and sells tasty foods, smoothies and pastries. The coffee here is not bad.

Entering Second Cup Dzorwulu

Dzorwulu is a Ga word pronounced exactly like its spelled….nah I’m kidding you I’ll give you the pronunciation the first part of the word is like the name George (Jwôr-woö-loo) as it rolls off the tongue. Dzorwulu is the capital of the Ayawaso West Municipal District, a district of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

Inside Second Cup

Dzorwulu does have a few popular places to go such as Night Clubs, one very popular one has closed down permanently called Aphrodisiac Night Club. Dzorwulu also has several Restaurants and Hotels.

Lately, I find that Dzorwulu is one of my favorite hangouts. Its a city, but not with the amount of activity the more popular cities have. Where Accra has the popularity of a city like New York, Dzorwulu has the popularity of a city like Carson, California, popular, but with less the tourist attraction.

Leaving Second Cup Coffehouse

There is also a very nice pet store called Village Pets and Breeding Centre in Dzorwulu down the street, from Second Cup Cafe, which sales exotic birds, fish, dogs, turtles, and has a sanctuary for two rhesus monkeys that will shake your hand and are the cutest things.

Rhesus monkeys
Pups awaiting sale in Dzorwulu pet store

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