Courtesy of Mirakee

There is a war on LOVE
It is a war of wills,
Most don’t pay attention,
As it silently kills,
There is a war where common decency,
Has been taken hostage,
Insanity has been given leniency,
Unity is ostracized,
And good intent is held suspect,
Justice is inactive,
And charity is in neglect.
Promises are just a tactic
That are never kept,
Where is Justice?
What is her name?
Is she a suspect
In her own game?
And Hooded Ignorance,
I’d be remiss to mention,
Has abducted innocence,
And strung a modern-day lynching,
The blood of Nate Woods on their hands,
And resistance is passive,
Where the eagle has landed,
And takes democracy captive,
see that bird don’t fly,
Because that bird is game,
The Right-wing is broken,
And the Left-wing is lame,
It invades our minds,
And shackles our brain,
And it’s constantly lying,
to cover its shame…
It would be hard to place us
Back in chains,
But this chain,
That binds the mind,
shackles the brain,
This chain don’t link the same,
Neck to neck,
But brain to brain,
This chain gets passed on
Like a bad check,
Generation upon generation,
This chain is no longer clasped on,
And is harder to break.
This chain is a mental colonization,
That’s much harder to shake,
We must shake it from our minds,
And escape, to where the drinking gourd dips free,
We must give serious thought,
To following Sirius B,
Back to where X marks the spot,
Of where we’re supposed to be,
And tho’ we used to follow that Northern Star,
To freedom across that Ohio line,
Now we must migrate four degrees, north of the equator,
To find freedom of the mind.
To the place of mankind’s birth,
And to the center of the earth.

victori © 11Mar2019

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  1. 🔥🔥🔥
    I always like your poetry Cuz, but this is one of those verse-on-fire pieces!

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