Quiet As It’s Kept: Kwahu

… is a growing community in the Mountains of Eastern Ghana.

Kwahu Wed 3 Mar 2020 Evening. My first impression was of the natural beauty of the place. It is located high up in the mountains in the Eastern Region of Ghana, on the west shore of Lake Volta. It’s the highest habitable mountain range in Ghana. We traveled by minibus up the steep mountain.

The mountain in Kwahu, Ghana

Some of the passengers grew sqeamish as they looked down the side of the mountain their faces pressed against the window. I didn’t look down the mountain much but I did raise my head up a few times to peer out of the window. It’s an awesome view.

Taken with Snapchat

Admittedly, preoccupied with taking notes of my trip for the blog, I was on my phone texting on my WordPress app. Although, I have a fear of heights I don’t feel any kind of way about traveling up a mountain in a car. I attribute my fear to standing on solid ground of a high place, looking down, and having the compelling feeling of falling down to the earth below, but not to flying or vehicle traveling. Weird?

Kwahu at night
Housing in Kwahu at night

Once on a vacation road trip to Arizona from California we passed through the mountains, admittedly my nerves were on edge, because I couldn’t see a guard rail. I suppose I confronted that fear then? I don’t know? I have flown before and commuted up mountain ranges in a vehicle with only a little fear. We arrived in Kwahu in the evening weary from traveling and located a place to stay.

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