The Least of These

How my heart grieves
For these
Children whose abuse
My hands had no ability to save,
Whom I didn’t even take mind of
Nor conceive,
Until the headlines read,
it was too late, just grieve,
By then they were already dead.
If you see a child being abused,
don’t hesitate just call,
an authority who’ll choose,
To save the lives of our youths.
How my heart grieves
For these
Children I didn’t know,
Who lived in my community,
Just a stones throw,
Did I ever see them?
I don’t think so,
But the lunacy
That their own parents,
would deliver their final blow,
would never have occurred to me.
How could I know?
What could I have done?
When even the system,
They relied upon,
Missed them,
and didn’t see what was going on,
and didn’t try to salvage,
just business as usual,
to them just another day,
But not for Gabriel Hernandez,
or Anthony Avalos,
The two angels I bereave.
How my heart grieves!
For these
How my heart greives!

victori 6 March 2020

For Gabriel Hernandez and Anthony Avalos read their story here

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