The Rough Edges

Tuesday night the lights went out during the day and stayed off all night, into Wednesday. The water was cut off too, Ghana is still developing and these things happen. I had to use the fountain behind the house to fill a basin to bathe and whatever reserve I could get from the faucet. It was a miserable night without air conditioning.

My fan has a phone charging station and runs on battery LED but that soon gives out too, and may not last the entire night. I will purchase a generator if I choose to stay in Ghana.

I have three months left on my year residency, which runs out in June and three months left on my tenancy here. I can choose to renew and possibly move to another rental, or I can return home to the USA. I have grown to love Ghana, and have made friends and family here. I have my dog Sankofa, whose a lot of work, but he’s a good dog though and I love him. He also has made friends here at the estate.

Sankofa and Baby

I don’t actually know the dogs name I just call him Baby he’s a sweetheart. He loves me as much as he does Sankofa.

Sankofa and Baby

I still don’t have health insurance either and have to have my vision checked and now I have a chipped tooth as well.

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  1. It appears that you are adjusting well to Ghana and your upcoming decisions will be difficult to make, no doubt. I’ll be praying for you. The dogs are cute and look friendly. Be well cousin 😎

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