💯% Vickie Bass

My DNA shows survival of people in huddled masses,
who lived by the crack of the whip,
begging me to show that there is beauty for ashes,
Calling out their ethnicities from the hull of my ship saying
I am Fulani,
I am Luba,
I am Tikar,
I am Yoruba,
I am Akan,
I am Igbo,
I am Futa Jallon,
I am Manding,
I am Mende,
I come from Djenne,
I am Yembe,
They call me Guinea.
I can’t choose just one ethnicity.
They are here, they are many
They are all in me,
They are the majority
Eighty six percent
Of my person
And only two-fifths Filipino,
Three halves Southeast Asian,
From someplace like Vietnam,
Native American Mayan,
And twelve percent European,
Make up who I am
Indentured servant
Ireland, Scotland, Wales,
Standing on the bough,
Mounting up the sails,
But most wait in the hold,
Of me, all with different tales,
Wanting me to tell,
How it felt to be sold,
Their history, forms the bottom of my soul,
I cant resist their mystery,
I’ll search until I’m old,
To find their names,
Written upon the scrolls,
Of some manifest of ship James,
And from the places they were stole,
From all the places where they came,
To where they followed the North Star
I am Ijaw,
I came from Calabar
I am Ekoi,
I came from the far Southeast, of Nigeria,
I am Ekonda,
I came from Congo,
Somewhere deep in the interior,
I am Hausa,
I came from Cameroon,
From the mountains of the moon,

💯% Vickie Bass

victori © 22 Aug 2019

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