Expenses on an Expat Budget

A cold caught me this week during the night. Here in Ghana, I can just visit a local Pharmacist tell them my symptoms and get an antibiotic prescribed. It started with a raw sore throat, I do have inflammatory sinuses and was diagnosed with post nasal drip sometime ago. I have also had pharyngitis before. This wasn’t pharyngitis but I caught it early the antibiotics worked. Needless to say I haven’t been on the blog because of it.

As an expat here in Ghana I don’t have health insurance yet but I am looking into it. There are many things that you may have to live without for awhile until you figure things out and the way things work. Right now I am living here on a Residency Permit which allows me to extend my stay for one year. I have been “roughing it,” in so many ways. I do my laundry by hand to save on costs of taking my laundry to the Laundry Service every week. In the U.S. I either had a washing machine or the coin-operated Laundromat to wash my clothes myself. I could purchase a washing machine here but haven’t done so yet to save money, until my income starts.

laundry day

In Ghana, the electric is a prepaid service. My home is rented in advance for an entire year. My phone is on MTN which is also prepaid I pay about 120 GH a month for Data about 25 to 50 US. I purchase electricity because my entire rented house is on electrical only, and I need air conditioning, my stove and oven are also on electric, the size of a microwave, and I have a microwave too and a refrigerator that runs all the time. I also use electric to run my small studio for my business, and of course to run this laptop for my blog as part of my business. I am paying from six-hundred GH cedis to nine-hundred GH cedis a month for electricity which amounts to 115 US dollars to 120 US dollars a month, and my broadband for the internet is 240GH cedis a month which is equivalent to about 50 US dollars. The water is 50 cedis a month equivalent to about 10 USD I don’t use much. I also pay for security, garbage pick up and keeping the estate clean which is 825 GH cedis quarterly.

Grilled food

Finally, try to live modestly. Remember that once you live in a place you are no longer a tourist. So try to purchase your necessities at the local price, not the Tourist one.

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