Interviewing Kartam Graytnes

Hip hop and rap is poetry set to music. That’s my definition but then, R&B, blues and jazz songs are poetry too. They start with either paper, pen or a QWERTY keyboard. The day I first met Kartam Graytnes I knew very little about him. The day before our interview I studied articles about his life, to prepare myself. He like myself was orphaned at a very early age. He is very cool, calm and collected in person, although his life has not been as easy as his way of being is. He is introspective and laughs and smiles easily. He writes his own music and his freestyle is on point. His faith in the Most High is evident and like me he doesn’t deny the presence of the MOST HIGH in all essential aspects of his life. When you have been through so much your faith in a Higher Power grows strong.

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He is a multi-talented entertainer and we hope to see more of him in the upcoming future. Akoma Baako promotes the unity of people everywhere, especially of Africans throughout Africa and the Diaspora, because we have so much disunity between ourselves. Kartam Graytnes stands for that unity, that collaboration of people everywhere. Thank you Kartam.

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