Ten minutes ’til Podcast

27 Jan 2019 Monday

And I was sweating! When I woke up this morning I was still quite sad because of the heartbreaking news of the tragic event of the plane crash that had taken the lives of eight people including Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna “Gigi” Bryant, but also I was excited because today I would perform my third podcast.

Today, I would meet with Yaw Adjei Owiafe a local Ghanaian poet, and scientist whom I call my poet partner. He joins me as the host of Akoma Baako in upcoming episodes. Yaw is a quiet soft-spoken man. This day I was quite nervous but Yaw seemed relaxed and at ease. We spoke at length about how to make poetry a unifying force and keep it in the mainstream. He performed an excellent piece he wrote, that was rudely cut out by the music that was edited in. Forgive our dust we are still learning.

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Afterward, Yaw myself and my extended family, fictive kin that I call my ‘son’ Samuel, he is also the apprentice photographer and film editor at Akoma Baako Production Studios we took some pictures around the estate. Sankofa wanted in too. It was a bright beautiful day in Oyarifa, Ghana. This is my team.

Yaw, Victori, and Samuel
Sankofa smile

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