Mamba Out

You took the game so seriously,
dribbling down the court.
Ball in hand fearlessly,
To the goal no effort,
Focused on the win
Some called you conceited,
But to your fans,
We knew you as convinced,
Spin, fade, hang, and hit,
Kept the crowd in suspense,
As cocky as they get,
Ball In centrifugal motion,
Defying the defense.

Defying gravity
In your hang time,
To penetrate that cavity
Of net and rim,
Your free throws had mad clarity,
Floating just above the brim,
Before sinking in,
Like the teeth of a black mamba,
Coming in for the slaughter,
On the leg of a llama.
Then you said good bye to the drama
To raise your beautiful daughters,
As the world still searches for clues,
but your words now are forever still, journalist still giving you the blues,

Without you here to run defense,
The ball is left in the hands
Of your opponents, like Abigail Disney and Gayle King
Running their mouths,
Inconsiderate of the cost, their troubling words bring,
Instead of running their lives,

It is classless too
Since your life you’ve lost,

And even your legacy died with you.

In that crash in Calabases…

victori 27 Jan 2019 ©

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