A Typical Day: As an Expat

Nights are typically long in Ghana compared to the U.S.A; there we have this circadian rhythm buster called Daylight Savings Time, that really throws off my equilibrium. My dad told me it was started to help Farmers, but some have said that is a myth, it was used as a wartime measure to conserve resources. Here in Ghana, I sleep better more restful, because I don’t wake up every hour on the hour to check the time to ensure I don’t oversleep this reduces my anxiety. I love mornings the most, so I’m usually in bed before nine and up by six. I try to have a cup of water before coffee both are diuretics right? Plain water is just more healthier. Usually Sankofa is still sleeping, so I can get a little done before he wakes. Once he wakes he makes his intentions known that he wants to get out by scratching at the door. I feed him, let him out to play and then we take a walk around the Estate.

Sankofa and Victori

He’s a good dog he doesn’t go in the house, and has a great appetite. He’s still pulls on the leash. He will jump up on you because he doesn’t know his size and doesn’t care, but he is very affectionate. After walking or running behind Sankofa with him usually dragging me behind him. I come back home and get a work out in. I have an extension rope that I use for my arms, shoulders and back, I do chair squats, lunges, floor exercises for thighs and buttock region, and use the ab roller. My entire gym at home.

Victori working out at home

After working out I will shower and begin work, writing or working on the podcast, which isn’t easy coming up with new ideas and trying to make them interesting without fudging is hard work! I love the challenge!

Ten minutes ’til Podcast

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  1. I love what you’re doing with this blog and your YouTube channel! Keep up the great work! Also… I am just a little jealous of the life/sleep rhythms you described. I know that is how people were made to function. Blessings Cuz!

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