I Like Men

I like men,who become men,who make men,more becoming.I like when men,remember whenthey were boysway back then,but now celebrate the joysof overcoming.I like menwho emulate menwho show thatIt’s not the quantity of the huntthat makes them able,but the quality of the front,they bring to the table,I like men,who learn from mistakes,and not just their own,I like men who pump the brakes,before they make their macho known.I … Continue reading I Like Men


I’ve seen womenfold into their husbands, nameslike winter clothes,or old shoes,with holes in their soles,into an attic trunk,so deeply inthat whenthey are taken outAgain next winterOnly their first name remainsand in the death of winter’sthroes she gets smotheredForgotten by all the generationsShe has motheredUntil There is no trace of whoShe might have been,Even her scent,Is tainted with moth balls,Gone is any traceOf the little girlWhose … Continue reading Unhyphenated

DNA Discussion with Decolonize the Mind

See:  DNA Does Not Lie with George Geder @ #DeColonizeTheMind You tested through AncestryDNA?? Then your ethnicity estimates are subject to change drastically, my ethnicity estimates changed from 86% Sub-Saharan African; 12% European; 2% South Central Asian and Native American, to 89% Sub-Saharan African; 12% European; and 1% Asian, only on AncestryDNA. My first highest percentage at first testing in 2014 on AncestryDNA was Ivory … Continue reading DNA Discussion with Decolonize the Mind

Off the Net

New home in Oyarifa

I haven’t been writing much about my experiences lately because right now I don’t have internet. I’ve moved!

If you read my post On a Different Level you’d know, that I’d been looking for a new home. I’ve found a house in the same town Oyarifa, as I was before but I’m now the owner of this one. The house is new and recently completed, it still had issues when I moved in though, that I’ll discuss later.

One thing about this new area is the internet is not the same. At the other home less than six kilometers away I had a modem through the local internet company here but that same company says I can’t utilize that modem in this area I’d have to switch to turbonet. However, turbonet is not in stock because of the high demand for it during the lockdown from parents with schoolage children who needed it to do their studies. So I will wait and text short cryptic messages on my cellphone as I am doing right now. A little humor there!

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Akoma❤Baako Production (Foundation)

We are happy to announce that Akoma Baako Production(meaning one heart in Twi) located in Oyarifa, Ghana is now a Foundation! We are hoping to provide the most good, in the area of health, education, and environmental concerns in Ghana. Please, you are welcome to join us in this journey as we seek to benefit the public sector, assist the children with their educational needs, … Continue reading Akoma❤Baako Production (Foundation)

lOVe CoNtact HiGh

I wish love was a drugAnd you could ingest it,It would spread like a bug,And we’d all get arrested. Then all those folksWho has never felt it,Will contact it from smokes,After they’ve smelt it. There’d be no wars,And the Feds would never detect it,Too busy smuggling it to the shores,That they’d never suspect it. I wish love was a drug,Preventing symptoms doctors describe,There’d be so … Continue reading lOVe CoNtact HiGh

Closet Writer

Its been awhile,since I’ve been transparent,secreting pocketed poems away,from awareness,been disclosure errant.Its been awhile sinceI’ve shared this,coyly casting cadencein silent simile syllabics,secreting semantics,onto paper tablets,bleeding ink,holding words captive,hiding what I think,in drawyers of scraps.SociopathicRestrained rhyme slaves,resisting the recitalsee I’m an addict,cutting phrases up on appsbecause in my madnessI’m devoid of tactics,Its been awhile since I’vebeen heardIts not that I’ve lost stock in verbs,Or am at … Continue reading Closet Writer


Independence! Filmed at African Historical Wall Prampram, Ghana 4th of July is a mythTold by history buffsWe were only 3/5ths4th July 1776 of all others,There was no independence for us! We didn’t get our freeUntil 1863,and some of our brothers,Not until 1865,June 19thLet’s recognize Juneteenth,but we celebrate the Ju-liesWith bar-b-ques,And booze,There was no independence for us! No peace, no justice,Even after Jubilee,They could arrest usFor … Continue reading Independence!

If I die in police custody

If I die in police custody,Know this,they must’aveKilled me, I didn’t resist,I may be addle, anxious, depressedbut I’m not suicidalI dont feel suppressedIf I die in police custody,And my death reportReads affixiation,Loved ones loudly retort,From what strangulation?If I die in police custody,And they try to convince youOtherwise,You know they did this to me,please don’t believe their lies,I do not abuse alcohol,I may drink a glass … Continue reading If I die in police custody